Transforming your data model and business requirements into a full-stack working application and all this is a matter of few seconds.

Your system's composition journey with DevUp Platform

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How DevUp Works

DevUp shortens your journey from idea to digital market, equipped to quickly develop up your IT system much sooner than traditional development.

DevUp automatically generates full-stack applications using a modular architecture, best-tailored coding standards. It takes your software requirements in form of data model, business/BI rules, reporting needs and application framework model, generates application to deliver you a complete solution code.

Composed system can be deployed immediately and can be enhanced easily for future requirements.

Composition Automation

Low cost

Platform Independent

Training Required

Design your data model and software requirements


DevUp Platform transforms model into application

Real-time code delivery of composed application to user

Deploy/Customize (client or DevUp Services)

Go confident with DevUp generated code


Composed code is flexible, can be easily customized and extended. It is readable & offers further extensions in separate files.

Optimized Code

Most of coding weak points and general programming errors have been addressed along with caching and reusability.

Standardized Integration

System architecture is modular where all modules are loosely coupled with each other that can be customized or replaced easily in future.

Pre-Tested & Quality Assured

Generated code is based on standard design patterns and pre-tested. It contains detailed logging, error handling and extendible unit tests.

Code Features

DevUp composed code comes with essential built-in features and growing pool of extensions that allows to exploit diverse ways to customize your experience.

Data Access Layer
Business Layer
User Interface
CRUD Operations
Data Listing
Data transfer objects and their mappings
Service interfaces and controllers
Exception tracing
Data validations
User accounts (DevUp SSO)
Role based authentication
Application health tracking
Files management
Data Security
Data auditing
Unit tests


Women Business Maker

The business women who are startup, struggling to make an impact on their business landscape, may approach us with profile & team orientation details, to digitize their idea(s).

Ideal for: Entrepreneur women working on new idea(s) and, at their early stage.

DevUp Offers:

  • Free of cost application composition.

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Fast-Lane offers a tech development acceleration program to incubators where startups will be inducted to rapid application composition. It will reduce their tech resources & journey to market.

Ideal for: Startups at early tech development stage.

DevUp Offers:

  • Composition with half cost sharing

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Build Green

Social entrepreneurs building a green impact in their environment by providing innovative solutions, and are non-profit or sole entities facing funding issues write us yours profile & project details.

Ideal for: Green startups working in education, health or agriculture sectors.

DevUp Offers:

  • Composition with half cost sharing

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We aim to minimize system development and digitisation efforts of your organisation, by accelerating development process across wide variety of industry domains.

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Automation and digitalization is mandatory to win a business which is complex and time taking process. We are here, to take this challenge and will digitize your application with DevUp platform. Describe us your requirements and let us secure your confidence by saving your cost and time.